Our luggage

Nearly two months into the trip, I have now had some additional thoughts on what I would have packed if I had to do it all over again, and provide some amendments to my original packing list: Continue reading »


Jude with his cousins Zoe and Leo

After Portland, we spent several days in the Bay Area visiting family, Bliss’ in Orinda and mine in Silicon Valley.  These were the most uneventful days of the trip to date, from a site-seeing and activity-doing perspective, but were extremely relaxing and provided a much-needed break in the action ahead of our 14-hour flight to Hong Kong.  Jude especially enjoyed meeting his Aunt Barbara and Uncle Craig and playing with his cousins Leo and Zoe.

With Bliss' Uncle Craig and Aunt Barbara

We had a lot of loose ends to tie up, and final packing to do, so having family around to help with Jude while we prepared for the international leg of the trip worked out well.  We had to convert a full rental-car’s worth of stuff into a reasonable amount of luggage to cart around Asia and Europe on planes and trains.  This took a lot of planning, rolling (see our Packing Tips post), and culling (we sent a very large box of things back home).  I was also in a mad dash to finish my 1,000-page Harry Truman biography (highly recommended) before leaving for Hong Kong, which Bliss had forbade me from bringing abroad as too big.



Finished packing for the US portion of our trip (8/9/2011 in Brooklyn)

We are hitting the extremes: from the beaches of Thailand, to Iceland in January, from hiking in the mountains, to nice evenings out.  Layering and having low-maintenance, versatile clothing are essential.  We wanted to keep packing light so we kept in mind the advice relayed to us by several friends who have taken long trips around the world in the past: You can always buy more on the go!

I roll (rather than fold) our clothes so we can fit more, and evenly distribute our clothing between the suitcases so if one is lost in transit, everyone still has some clothing. Continue reading »

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