Ferry terminal employee (not a mean one)

We previously blogged about the fact that everyone in the Pacific Northwest is nice and even tempered.  Since that time, unfortunately, we have found the exception that proves the rule: Orcas Island Ferry Terminal employees.  (Our opinions of residents of the places we visit are of course carefully reached through the foolproof and time-tested methodology of observing one or two examples of behavior and then reaching sweeping generalized conclusions based thereon.)  Sadly, it seems that ferry terminal employees in the PNW can be just as salty as the water their passengers travel over.

Our friend and traveling companion Elle learned this the hard way on our way back to Seattle from Orcas Island when she had the following exchange with a ferry terminal employee: Continue reading »


We decided to drive all the way from Glacier to Seattle (where my sister Caroline lives) in one day.  We flew through Montana and northern Idaho with almost no traffic and under beautiful sunny skies.  We cruised into Washington State the only way we knew how, having been pre-teens during the grunge era of the early 90’s, i.e., listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana on full blast.  Jude bopped around in his car seat. Continue reading »

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