Jude receives a blessing from a nun in Cambodia

Our second guest post for FamiliesGo! is called Siem Reap with a Toddler: Beyond the Temples. Even after ten nights in Siem Reap, we had trouble saying good-bye.  Cambodia is a beautiful country with lovely, friendly, and welcoming people.  We encourage everyone to visit, and hope this post helps with some of the logistics, especially if you’re bringing a child.  If you enjoy the post or find it helpful, please “like” or tweet it.  Thank you!


Organizing such a long trip is exciting, but is also a time-consuming endeavor. Pre-Jude, Patrick and I would have grabbed our backpacks and taken off, but with a child we decided to plot our route ahead of time. This gives us slightly less flexibility, but means that we will have to do less planning on the fly with a number of child-friendly arrangements already in place, so we can spend more time relaxing and having fun with our son.

Here are the basics of how we organized our trip, not necessarily in order: Continue reading »


I’m sure we’ll learn a lot of about flying with a toddler during our upcoming around-the-world trip.  Before we leave, I want to share what I have already learned from the nearly 20 flights I have already taken with our son, Jude, as both a baby and a toddler. Continue reading »

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