Aug 122011

In a hopefully auspicious moment, our trip literally got off with a bang.

During our last ever walk back from Jude’s daycare on the evening before our trip began (Aug. 9), Carroll Gardens was rocked by a loud explosion.  Large plumes of dark smoke billowed out from under a car parked at the northwest corner of Henry & Degraw and lights in nearby stores flickered on and off, leading residents and store owners to pour onto Henry Street to check out the problem.  Then: boom!  A very loud explosion, followed by people screaming and a lot of commotion—including several women with yoga mats running quickly away from the scene and a livery car driver reversing north down Henry Street (it’s a one-way street, the other way!) at full speed.

We could not find anything online about what had happened.  Apparently though, this is reoccurring problem on Henry Street:  In any event, once the smoke cleared, the symbolic importance of the explosion was not lost on us.


Jude and I are spending the week with my parents, brothers Adam and Paul, and their families in the little village of Aurora in upstate New York before leaving for our around-the-world trip with Bliss in about 10 days.  On Friday afternoon, Bliss flew out from New York City to join us for the weekend, with her flight scheduled to land at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport at 5:25 p.m.   Unfortunately, after Jude and I got to the airport (about an 80-minute drive from Aurora), her flight was delayed over 4.5 hours, meaning Jude and I had some serious time to kill.

The first problem was that I did not bring a stroller or any real dinner food, thinking (wrongly!) that we would just be picking up Mommy and quickly jetting back to Aurora.  No problem, I thought, we’ll just hang out in a restaurant and I’ll ply Jude with milk and bread (his favorites) to keep him happy.  This brings up the second problem: Syracuse Airport does not have any restaurants open after 6 p.m. and accessible without a boarding pass (Terminal A, actually; we could not get into the other terminal, “B”).

So there I was, at the airport with a two-year-old, forced to keep him up two hours past his 8 p.m. bedtime and woefully underequipped. Continue reading »

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