Aug 122011

We love Minneapolis!

The flight itself was notable only for Jude’s newfound imperviousness to Dramamine (why didn’t he nap; the flight left at 11 a.m., his nap time, and there was good white noise from the engine?) and Mommy’s brilliant use of painter’s tape to entertain him:

At the W Hotel in Minneapolis Jude still wouldn’t nap.  By now, he was basically a 30-pound ball of manic energy.  We had to get out of the hotel room. Continue reading »


Organizing such a long trip is exciting, but is also a time-consuming endeavor. Pre-Jude, Patrick and I would have grabbed our backpacks and taken off, but with a child we decided to plot our route ahead of time. This gives us slightly less flexibility, but means that we will have to do less planning on the fly with a number of child-friendly arrangements already in place, so we can spend more time relaxing and having fun with our son.

Here are the basics of how we organized our trip, not necessarily in order: Continue reading »


Jude and I are spending the week with my parents, brothers Adam and Paul, and their families in the little village of Aurora in upstate New York before leaving for our around-the-world trip with Bliss in about 10 days.  On Friday afternoon, Bliss flew out from New York City to join us for the weekend, with her flight scheduled to land at Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport at 5:25 p.m.   Unfortunately, after Jude and I got to the airport (about an 80-minute drive from Aurora), her flight was delayed over 4.5 hours, meaning Jude and I had some serious time to kill.

The first problem was that I did not bring a stroller or any real dinner food, thinking (wrongly!) that we would just be picking up Mommy and quickly jetting back to Aurora.  No problem, I thought, we’ll just hang out in a restaurant and I’ll ply Jude with milk and bread (his favorites) to keep him happy.  This brings up the second problem: Syracuse Airport does not have any restaurants open after 6 p.m. and accessible without a boarding pass (Terminal A, actually; we could not get into the other terminal, “B”).

So there I was, at the airport with a two-year-old, forced to keep him up two hours past his 8 p.m. bedtime and woefully underequipped. Continue reading »


I’m sure we’ll learn a lot of about flying with a toddler during our upcoming around-the-world trip.  Before we leave, I want to share what I have already learned from the nearly 20 flights I have already taken with our son, Jude, as both a baby and a toddler. Continue reading »

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