Aug 122011

We love Minneapolis!

The flight itself was notable only for Jude’s newfound imperviousness to Dramamine (why didn’t he nap; the flight left at 11 a.m., his nap time, and there was good white noise from the engine?) and Mommy’s brilliant use of painter’s tape to entertain him:

At the W Hotel in Minneapolis Jude still wouldn’t nap.  By now, he was basically a 30-pound ball of manic energy.  We had to get out of the hotel room.

We reconvened at the hotel bar.  Mommy had a delicious-looking watermelon cocktail (the “Summer Solstice”) which came out smoking from the dry ice the bartender put in it:




On a perfect August night in Minneapolis— not a cloud and in the high 70’s—we set off for the Twins-Red Sox game.  We stopped briefly at the world-renowned (well, not really) statue of Mary Tyler Moore:

More statues followed.   Jude and Mommy posed in front of a giant guitar:







Then I posed with Kirby Puckett, a childhood hero:





People here are so nice!  Minnesotans at the baseball game literally could not stop giving Jude stuff.  His first ever Twins game was commemorated with a “First Game Certificate” given to him by the guy at guest services, where we stashed his stroller:


Then he was given a 1986 Randy St. Claire Topps baseball card by the man operating the elevator:

Mr. St Claire doesn’t appear to have made much of a splash as a professional baseball player, but he sure made Jude’s night.  Jude kept pointing to the card, and reminding us, “Man! Man!”

Our seats were good (third row, left field) and at one point a guy sitting two rows in front of us grabbed an otherwise playable ball, causing a ground-rule double.  He was kicked out, but helped the Twins put together a good inning.  More important still, we saw ourselves on Sports Center the next morning behind the interfering fan.

In the end, the Twins beat the Red Sox 5-2 and we stayed until the 8th inning, with Jude being a total rock-star and not misbehaving.  We speculated that he was actually just too tired to cause any trouble.




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